Urszula Błuszkowska

An interior designer and author of many realised projects for corporate and non-corporate clients. She gained her professional experience while working with architects and contributing expert advice on finishing materials, ornaments, forms and industrial design.

She is a big advocate of neat forms, functional solutions and simplicity. Her projects are made in close cooperation with the investor, as she highly appreciates the clients' expectations related to the unique character of their interior. While working on a given project, she can balance and combine its form, aim and budget. 2014

At the turn of 2014 and 2015 Urszula Wołukanis joined Forma Architectural Studio, where she takes good care of our interior design unit.

Her project of a private home at Biały Kamień Street in Warsaw has been awarded in a competition organised by floorboard producer Barlinek.

Selection of projects and realisation that were created or co-created by Urszula Wołukanis:

  • Interior private flats, at Biały Kamień, Młynarska, Wiktorii Wiedeńskiej Street,
  • Interior private home, at Rzodkiewki, Księcia Janusza Street in Warsaw ,
  • Interior apartamentów, at Biały Kamień Street in Warsaw ,
  • Interior office buildings ITMagination in Warsaw and Crakow,
  • Interior office buildings TVN in Warsaw,
  • Office buildings Slash company,
  • Interior restaurant Kuźnia Kulturalna in Wilanów-Warsaw