Tomasz Błuszkowski

Member of the Chamber of Polish Architects IARP (since 2002), graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology (1996). Author of numerous realised architectural projects for various clients: public sector, corporate, multi-branched, private and individual clients.

Started building his professional experience in as early as 1994, as an assistant intern in the Institute of Computer Aided Architectural Design, the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. He was in a team of editors for a students magazine Arcytektura and was a member of a student organisation of the same name. Later, he gained more hands-on experience, working in architectural offices in Maryslia (Studio Krajewski), Warsaw (KIPP Projekt) and Barcelona (Ricardo Bofill T.A.). 1994

In 2000, he co-founded the BeMM Architekci studio, where he contributed his skills to numerous projects, including public buildings, residential blocks and sports facilities, which were commissioned by public investors. 2000

In 2005, he came up with the idea to found Forma Studio Architectury, a planning and design company specialising in original projects. His experience and architectural planning skills continue to win him cooperation with corporate and multi-branched institutions, as well as private customers, in Poland and abroad. Also, he realises projects for the public investors. His involvement in projects is always full circle – from feasibility to handover. 2005

Apart from creating original architectural projects, he also specialises in managing development projects and organising the process of development planning – and he can tap into these skills in his present job. He acted as Project Implementation Specialist at the Supreme Administrative Court (2002 – 2004). He carried out the duties of arbitrator in appeals made to the President of the Polish Public Procurement Office (2003 − 2007). Additionally, from 2002 to 2006, he was Secretary of the Qualification Committee at the Mazovian Chamber of Architects (MOIA). 2007

Selection of projects and realisation that were created or co-created by Tomasz Błuszkowski:


  • Multimedia Fountain Park (Multimedialny Park Fontann) in Warsaw, Toruń and Ostrołęka,
  • Chimpanzees and gorillas pavilion in the Warsaw Zoo, Orangutang and rhinoceros pavilion in the zoo in Opole,
  • Indoor swimming pools with sports facilities and  spa in Kraków, Lublin, Wisła oraz Kudowa Zdrój,
  • Sports facilities and athletics arena in Bemowo – Warszawa, Wisła, Kozienice and Miętne, among other locations,
  • Police headquarters (Komenda Rejonowa Policji Warszawa VI) in Warsaw,
  • Machines Hall of the Faculty of Wood Technology at the University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in Warsaw,
  • Land development of Fort Bema area in Warsaw,


  • Nike Factory Store outlets in Poland, Central Europe and Russia,
  • Nike and Converse offices and showrooms in Poland, Germany and Switzerland,
  • Designer stores: Karl Lagerfeld, Teresa Rosati, Dorothee Schumacher, Fabiana Filippi, High in Warsaw and Poznań,
  • Interior design of office and utility space for TVN, ITMagination and Slash,
  • Lidl stores in Warsaw and surrounding area,
  • Branch offices of BZWBK, Raiffeisen and Credit Agricole banks in all locations in Poland,
  • North Gate office building in Warsaw,
  • Hotel at the Wielopole street in Kraków.


  • Housing development at Portowa street in Warsaw,
  • Housing development at Jedności street in Lesznowola,
  • Office buildings, Powsińska and Przyce streets in Warsaw,
  • Storage and office building, Postępu street in Lesznowola,
  • Skorosze housing development in Warsaw,
  • Detached houses – Żoliborz and Wilanów areas in Warsaw and Milanówek.