Meet us

Forma Architectural Studio has been offering its services in the market since 2005. Conceived and founded by architect Tomasz Błuszkowski, the studio has put together a great team of architects who specialise in various areas and like to work on original projects.

As for inspiration, we usually find it in our customers and their expectations.
Also, we draw on our experience and keep in mind good practices and a trustworthy relationship with the investors.
Yet the most important thing is perhaps the creative flair with which we carry out the task of shaping the architectural spatial forms.


O nas

Tomasz Błuszkowski


Tomasz Błuszkowski was the originator and founder of Forma Studio Architectury in 2005. He represents the studio during meetings with investors. Well acquainted with creating various architectural forms, he is involved in project design, coordination of legal procedures, organising every pre-construction detail and overseeing the realisation in progress. In the project design phase, he coordinates the team’s work. Tomasz Błuszkowski is known for his original ideas, attention to detail, aptitude in analysing space spatial forms and client expectations, as well as for his trustworthy relationship with the investors. His knowledge of English and French allows him to communicate with foreign clients.

When off duty, he is at his happiest travelling, trekking in the mountains or model building. In the winter, as soon as the snow touches the ground, he is ready to go skiing. And when the opportunity comes along, he won’t say ‘no’ to an off-roading or diving adventure. Send message




Urszula Błuszkowska


At Studio, Urszula Wołukanis deals with how the interiors look, creating the layout of spaces and providing tips on interior finishes and furniture. She can create designs that combine the investor’s individual requirements with the expected functionality. For her, it is all about simple, neat forms, subdued colours and practical equipment – which she can put to very good use. Also, she can be counted on for good advice on the right finishing elements. She likes to be involved in direct communication with the clients, so that she can respond to their needs. Her English comes in useful in meetings with foreign customers.

Her major interests are industrial design, Polish cinema and cuisines of the world. When off duty, travelling is her thing. Send message

Danilo Stolfi


Danilo Stolfi is a dynamic architect with a double master’s degree in Architecture.

Prior to graduating he has been living in Krakow and has had the opportunity to explore and embrace the Polish architectural environment. The overall experience has had a significant impact on his way of perceiving and communicating architecture, as he further honed his analytical and graphical abilities. This is the reason why, after accomplishing a master program in architecture both at Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (Italy) and Aalborg Universitet (Denmark), he decided to move to Warszawa. His duties in Studio is cooperation with corporate client. He is fluent in English, Italian and aiming to learn Polish.

Danilo is interested in traveling, photography and good food. Send message

Katarzyna Pikuła


Architect with international background – she studied in Poland, China, Spain and Scotland.  She obtained her master’s degree at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She is fluent in English, and learns Spanish and Portuguese.  She worked in Polish and Spanish companies on large investments, including housing, office buildings and hotels. In the studio, she deals with projects in the service industry. Privately, a plant lover fascinated with travelling. Send message