About us

21 Lutego 2017

About us

Forma Studio Architectury has been offering its services in the market since 2005. Conceived and founded by architect Tomasz Błuszkowski, the studio has put together a great team of architects who specialise in various areas and like to work on original projects.

As for inspiration, we usually find it in our customers and their expectations. Also, we draw on our experience and keep in mind good practices and a trustworthy relationship with the investors. Yet the most important thing is perhaps the creative flair with which we carry out the task of shaping the architectural spatial forms.

Our professional experience and international connections have allowed us to realise projects in Poland, as well as in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Many years of experience of working with corporate clients have ensured high project standards and good communication methods – and lessons that we have learned from this experience also benefit our non-corporate clients.

Our studio offers architectural projects for the public sector industry, corporate investors, multi-branched businesses and private customers. We have handled many large-volume projects of public spaces, shopping centres and workplace environments, as well as private homes.

At Forma, we believe that designing and creating architectural forms is a process that involves collaboration with the clients. And living in a time of dynamic change as we do, we keep up-to-date with the trends, different manners of spatial planning, industrial design and technical novelties – at the same time being sensitive and responding to our clients’ individual requirements.

Welcome to our team’s world of architectural forms and spatial creativity!

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